BioVariance laboratory

Research and data collection

Leveraging top-notch research infrastructure, our group of distinguished experts contributes to the advancement of precision medicine. At BioVariance, our investigators and analysts employ cutting-edge technology, transforming medical and biochemical know-how into sophisticated algorithms.


  • Modern research instruments such as mass spectrometers and sequencers
  • International certification according to DIN standards
  • Medical and veterinary analysis
  • Method development and biomarker discovery
  • Analytical and scientific services in the B2B sector
  • Custom contract studies with accredited partner companies and institutions, e.g. for product approval
  • International funded research projects such as Revert and P4D
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange with highly qualified partner institutions

Contact person

Veronika Eckert

Dr. Veronika Eckert

Laboratory Manager

Covid-19 Testlabor

Wir testen Proben aus den Landkreisen Tirschenreuth, Regen und Freyung-Grafenau zuverlässig und schnell auf SARS-COV-2.


  • Realtime-PCR-Analysen auf Goldstandard
  • Ergebnisversand zu 99% am Tag des Probeneingangs
  • Regelmäßige Evaluierung des Workflows durch Blind- und Ringversuche


Labor BioVariance

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