BioVariance gains TOP 100 award

Waldsassen, 10.02.2021

BioVariance GmbH from Waldsassen gained the TOP 100 award 2021, which is given to highly innovative medium-sized companies once a year – now for the 28th time. Before, BioVariance proved its innovative power in a scientific competition.


On behalf of compamedia, the organizer of the TOP 100 innovation competition, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team examined the innovative power of BioVariance based on 120 test criteria in 5 categories: innovation promoting management, innovative climate, innovative processes and organization, outward orientation / open innovation, and innovative success. The examination addresses the questions, whether innovation is the result of organized processes or a random product, that means the repeatability of innovative performances, and whether and how the corresponding solutions succeed on the market (more information about the test criteria on Due to the current situation another category was included in the examination: the reaction of the company to the corona crisis.

BioVariance operates in the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharma sectors, where the company made its mark with the development of innovative AI solutions for precision medicine. In cooperation with physicians, BioVariance offers long-term monitoring of molecular changes in patients to predict the effectiveness, side effects and interactions of drugs, thereby determining the optimal medication and dosage. Furthermore, the company provides individual therapy recommendations for cancer patients based on patient’s genetic fingerprint.  To achieve this, state-of-the-art automatization and parallelization techniques, machine learning, and mathematical algorithms are combined to analyze complex biomedical data.


„Innovative products and services develop in the mind when creativity and personal development are allowed and supported during the work process. We are glad to be one of the most innovative companies in Germany. This encourages us to keep breaking new grounds.”  [Dr. Josef Scheiber, Managing Director of BioVariance]

BioVariance GmbH already ranked first in the Senetics Award category “Most innovative product idea or patent in healthcare” in 2018 and belonged to the “Top 20 Most innovative companies in the area of healthcare technology” according to Technology Innovators in 2019. Furthermore, in 2019, BioVariance was voted one of the most innovative companies of the year by brand eins for the third year in a row.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, the scientific leader of TOP 100, is impressed by the awarded medium-sized companies: „The TOP 100 companies systematically concentrate on being highly innovative.”

On November 26th, there is another reason to celebrate: All of this year’s TOP 100 award winners meet at the 7. German Mid-Tier Summit to receive congratulations from Ranga Yogeshwar. The science journalist has been acting as a mentor in the innovation competition for 10 years.


TOP 100: The competition

Compamedia has awarded the TOP 100 medium-sized companies with excellent innovative power and outstanding innovative success since 1993, with Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke being the scientific leader since 2002. Franke is the founder and chairman of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Vienna. 25 gained scientific awards and over 200 publications make him one of the leading innovation researchers in the world. The mentor of TOP 100 is Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research and the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses BVMW. The magazines manager magazin and impulse accompany the comparison of companies as a media partner. For more information and application visit

Find more information and photo material regarding the TOP 100 competition on, or send an email to More information about the awarded company can be obtained from Helen Schneider, BioVariance GmbH.


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