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Antibody study gives way to the telomere length study

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers for their willingness to support Ms. Schraml in her doctoral thesis. Due to known difficulties and the long outdated topic, the antibody study will

Investment in high precision diagnostics

We invested in a Liquid-Chromatography coupled Tandem Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) of the newest generation. This instrument allows robust quantification of even the tiniest amounts of clinically relevant biomarkers in a wide range of biological matrices.

Success at TOP 100: Ranga Yogeshwar honors BioVariance

Ranga Yogeshwar congratulated BioVariance GmbH from Waldsassen on its success in the TOP 100 innovation competition with a personal video on 26.11.2021. In addition, the science journalist recognized the achievements of this year’s TOP 100

BioVariance gains TOP 100 award

Waldsassen, 10.02.2021 BioVariance GmbH from Waldsassen gained the TOP 100 award 2021, which is given to highly innovative medium-sized companies once a year – now for the 28th time. Before, BioVariance proved its innovative power in