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Colorectal cancer – The evil within

The facts „Colorectal carcinoma“ means several malignant tumor types in the colon or rectum. Malignant tumors rarely occur in other intestinal areas like small intestine or caecum. [1] Colorectal cancer (CRC) had a low incidence

The Global Burden of Cancer

World Cancer Day Many people wonder why there is still no cure for cancer yet. But cancer isn’t just one disease. It is more than 100 diseases, and each of these types is divided into

The eternal fight against Breast Cancer

The current situation Due to great progress regarding early cancer diagnosis, diagnostics, therapy and care in the last decades, the survival rate and quality of life of patients suffering from breast cancer increased significantly in

Renal cell carcinoma – a rare disease in Germany

  Because of the World-Kidney-Day on March 14, there is a new post about another rare disease in Germany. The renal cell carcinoma is the most common form of kidney cancer and appears mainly among

DIPG – Fight for a cure!

Hardly anyone has ever heard of DIPG. This abbreviation stands for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma and describes a childhood brain tumor. There’s no cure or positive life-changing treatment at the moment. Not much has happend

World Cancer Day: What is cancer actually?

On February 4th was World Cancer Day. That’s why the current blog post answers the question of what cancer actually is and how it develops. History Cancer was already described by the ancient Egyptians in

Cervical cancer – use the cancer screening

Because the month January is „Cervical cancer awareness month“, this blog post is about this type of cancer. Every woman should think about it because it’s a cancer with good chances of healing when it’s

Stomach carcinoma – a relatively rare cancer

There is a new blog post because of the german day of the stomach last week. This time, it’s about gastric cancer and a first partial success in the personalized treatment.   The stomach The stomach