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Off-Label Use in Paediatrics

The problem Generally, drugs are only allowed to be prescribed when special agencies have tested them on safety, effectiveness and quality and have approved them on corresponding indications. The prescription of drugs without considering these

Rare diseases

This blog post answers the questions of what rare diseases are in general, in which medical areas they’re involved, how many people are affected and the number of medications, which are available now. Definition and

Epilepsy – chaos inside the head

Although the European epilepsy day has been over for a few days, it’s still important to understand this neurological disease. Therefore, this blog post discusses the defintion of epilepsy, the development, consequences and causes of

CRISPR/Cas in HIV therapy

The blog post this week is about CRISPR/Cas and because of the World-AIDS-Day last Saturday it is also about first successes in HIV treatment with this genome editing tool and about a message that has


Because of the World-AIDS-Day today, there is a new post about HIV and AIDS in general, the major breakthrough in HIV therapy and a first success in personalized medicine.     HIV infection and AIDS

Diabetes – an underestimate danger

Because of the World Diabetes Day on 14.11 the first blog post will be about diabetes in general, the consequences of the disease and the first progress towards precision medicine. Diabetes   In a healthy