Big data revolutionizes medication dosing for children

Waldsassen. BioVariance has developed a new technology that enables a significant improvement of medication dosing for children and thereby addresses a widespread but often overlooked issue faced by pediatricians today.

“According to the WHO, 40% of essential pharmaceuticals for pediatric care are currently not approved for children. Patients under 18 must often be treated with medications that have not been sufficiently tested in their age group”, explains Managing Director Dr. Josef Scheiber.

BioVariance has developed a user-friendly platform (database system) for such pediatric medications, also known as “off-label medication”, together with the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Würzburg. The BioVariance platform accesses up to date medical information from clinical trials that contain valuable information regarding treatment of younger patients.

Physicians can access this data using an app named “Medicall”, which contains therapy-relevant information such as frequency of adverse side effects, level of drug interaction, off-label dosage experience, mechanisms of action as well as the effectiveness of drug substances. This data enables pediatricians to optimize the dosage for each child individually and thereby minimize the risk of unexpected side effects, over- or underdosage, incorrect prescriptions, and allergic reactions.

The project development costs totaled 230,000 Euro, of which the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology co-funded approx. 82,900 Euro.


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