For the research of DIPG across 14 countries

DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) describes a brain tumor in children for which there exists no cure or positive life-changing treatment. Even if this type of pontine glioma can be classified as “rare diseases”, it is the most common deadly brain tumor in children aged 4 to 9 years. Less than 1% of children diagnosed with DIPG survive the next five years.

These facts highlight the importance of research on effective treatments for DIPG to identify the best treatment. Therefor, the Foundation for Innovative Medicine in Munich focuses on the research and prevention of brain tumors in children.


The team of BioVariance with Christian Bernhard and son
Fig. 1: The team of BioVariance with Christian Bernhard and son (in front)


The honorary team is supported by numerous private initiatives that collect donations for this important research. Christian Bernhard and son son have also set themselves the task of doing something against this “monster” called DIPG. Participating in the “Balkan Express 2019” and collecting donations for this initiative should raise awareness for this serious disease and encourage research for an effective treatment.

BioVariance GmbH from Waldsassen is also very pleased to support the Bernhard family in their project. The company, founded in 2013, focuses on individual therapy recommendations – especially in the field of oncology. Through further awareness and research of this disease, you can also support personalized treatments.

The “Balkan Express” started on 22.08.2019 and lasts in total 13 days. In this race the participants have to travel through 14 countries. The conditions: the car must be older than 20 years and the use of a navigation device is forbidden. If you want to join them on this adventurous journey, you can do it here. You also want to support the research? A donation account has been set up at

You need further information on DIPG? We wish both guys success!


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