TubeLab facilitates laboratory routine

Waldsassen – BioVariance finishes the development of TubeLab, a software for the organisation of multi-level laboratory processes. To ensure an effective performance of the workflow, TubeLab was developed in cooperation with a renowned diagnostics laboratory. In this lab, TubeLab also expedites SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus tests under the name of COVIDetect. Thus, hundreds of patient samples can be processed quickly, safely and trackably every day. We at BioVariance GmbH are proud to contribute to the containment of the pandemic.

What are TubeLab’s features?

TubeLab digitalizes sample handling and tracking, process tracking as well as the evaluation of signals and quality. As a result, the overall duration of the coronavirus test workflow – from sample scan to the transmission of results –  can be reduced significantly.

The software visualizes every work step in real time and thus documents who executes a certain work step at a certain time. Furthermore, TubeLab validates thresholds by request and informs the user when, for example, the quality control fails the predefined criteria (see Fig.1 ). These features allow a quick and safe processing and facilitate the organisation and control of the workflow.

Another fundamental benefit is TubeLab’s intuitive operability and flexibility.  The software can be installed on every lab-own server with a granted access to the intranet. Besides, the high scalability allows the processing of an unlimited amount of data. Data protection is guaranteed in every single work step. Thus, large amounts of data can be processed, stored and transmitted in a safe and fast manner.


Fig. 1: Automated threshold monitoring with TubeLab.

Advantages of TubeLab:

  • user-friendly interface
  • workflow visualization in real time
  • transparent and trackable work process
  • smooth change of shifts and responsibilities
  • automated threshold validation
  • scalable system to process large amounts of data


Contact person
Helen Rießbeck | Sales and Distribution

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